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Resources for Community Partners & Policymakers


CBC News Article on the Cost of Losing Education

The article addresses the hardships young Black students in the Toronto Catholic District School Board, especially in Toronto’s northwest neighborhood of Rexdale, and Jane-Finch community. A former vice-principal, Paul Raso, at Father Henry Carr Catholic Secondary School quit his job once two of his students, who were brothers, were expelled and denied entry into other neighboring schools. Raso advocates for parents and students in the Jane-Finch community, but he still sees students being shuffled to schools where they are not safe. 

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Intevening Through Supplemental Education Programs

Supplementary Education Programs (SEPs) aim to diminish the achievement gap within the two-tiered public education system within Canada. The SEP in this document, based on a case study involving YAAACE and the Jane and Finch Community, aims to improve math and literacy levels by offering academic instruction during after school hours, on weekends, during summer breaks, often combined with unconventional activities like sports or arts. SEP’s also focus on small group learning and tutoring, as both have been shown to be an effective method for supplemental education. Lastly, SEPs also focus on student-teacher relationships and mentoring because studies show that forming a close relationship of trust fosters engagement and motivation in students.


Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario

The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (EFTO) focuses on social justice, equity, and inclusion. ETFO is committed to creating policies, professional learning and curriculum resources that protect and support the quality and rights of Black students and workers. ETFO wants to continue its efforts in developing curriculum resources that explore Black history, culture, identity and current day realities of racism and discrimination in a respectful and reflective manner and that can celebrate the contributions of Black Canadians to our country. ETFO also provides the public with equity workshops such as the re-thinking white privilege workshop and the Black Canadian Curriculum calendar workshop. 

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