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Resources for Parents

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Parents of Black Children

Click on this link to access The Parents of Black Children website and resources. The Parents of Black Children is a team of parents committed to advocating and ensuring that all school boards meet the educational, emotional safety, wellbeing, and physical needs of Black students, by providing them with equal opportunities to pursue their education, within an environment free from oppression and anti-Black racism. As such, Parents of Black Children has sent their heart-felt demands to the Government of Ontario, and the Ministry of Education so their voices are heard, and justice is served within the Ontario Education System. 


Royal Society of Canada Report on Pandemic Effects 

This article by Dr. Carl James through the Royal Society of Canada discusses how the pandemic has further highlighted the inequities in schooling for many minority groups within the Toronto District School Board and Peel District School Board. It outlines the three main areas where the inequities are seen within the minority groups: nutrition, academic supports, mental health, and online learning. his article provides a list of 9 recommendations regarding the inequities faced by racialized communities. Some of these recommendations are targeted towards parents, while others are directed to the education system as a whole. It is important for parents to be aware of all of these recommendations as they will be better equipped with knowledge while their child is in remote learning. 


TED Talk by Helen Pearson

This video, put out by TED is a presentation given by Helen Pearson which summarizes the findings from a 70-year long study on children which outlines why some end up healthy and prosper, while others struggle. As is noted, this study is the longest-running study on human development in the world and has changed the way people parent. Thus, this video is a valuable resource for parents as it reaffirms to them that their actions are integral to their child’s success, and despite some of the hardships they face, good parenting is crucial. Additionally, it provides several recommendations that are simple, low-cost, that is backed up by research, to help parents ensure they are doing what’s best for their child’s development. 

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