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Webinar on Closing the Opportunity Gap for Racialized and Under-Resourced Communities

Click on the YouTube video below to watch the full Community-Based Research Canada (CCBR) webinar on closing the opportunity gap for racialized and under-resourced communities through YAAACE's Community School Initiative.

In this webinar, Mr. Jones (YAAACE Founder) and the research team consisting of Dr. Ardavan Eizadirad (Principal Investigator), Sally Abudiab and Brice Baartman (Senior Research Assistants) provide an overview of the projects objectives and methods of data collection as well as the key themes and findings from their research partnership. Identified themes include: holistic and culturally relevant programming, structured programming communication and parental engagement, the digital divide and inequality, and effective pedagogies. This is followed by recommendations for mitigating the barriers and disruptions to teaching, learning, and community-based programming caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A special thanks to Sarah Switzer and the whole CCBR team for hosting this webinar and providing the research team with an online forum to discuss the implications of our findings for YAAACE and other community-based organizations that offer supplementary education programs.

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